a piece of PIE?

... yes, please! =)

Sorry to disappoint ... but I'm actually talking about a really cool vendor that we have found!

PIE Videography

behind the name
P.I.E. stands for Produce, Inspire, Educate. I have never really heard of a vendor that has such a really neat philosophy behind their business.

"Pie Videography is passionate about making videos that make a difference.
We're a socially conscious video production company that produces professional videos for people and events, web-based videos for businesses, educational videos for non-profit organizations and more. We are a unique business because with every purchase made, funds are put towards producing those educational videos for non-profit organizations at minimal, or no costs to them. As a result, these organizations are better able to spread their message without the worrisome budget factor. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a million - help fund change."

This ultimately was one of our main reasons for going with Sarah and her company. I find that what she's doing is very inspiring. Also, Sarah's passion for what she does really shows in the beautiful videos she produces. =) She's also very easy to talk to and is very accommodating to all of our requests.

We're making a difference while getting exactly what we have been looking for in our wedding video ... what more can we ask for?


u + i

This is going to be short and sweet.

Mark and I just encountered our first BIG hurdle after being engaged. Basically, what we have realized is that we can't please everybody. In fact, we shouldn't be pleasing anyone but ourselves!

This wedding is for us. Suggestions, inputs are very much appreciated, but in the end, it should be what we want that matters.

This goes right back to the very first advice we received after we got engaged last year.

"No matter what, just go with what YOU want. Remember, this is YOUR day."

And this really hit home today.

 "I am with you all the way ..." 


a big "L"

So last night, I was trying to multi-task (as always). =) I was talking on the phone with Mark and Jomay while trying to email DJs to find out their pricing and compare.

After getting a quote from a DJ in Mississauga, I decided to email the DJ from Kitchener who I have been in contact with. I pasted the quote that the Mississauga DJ gave me in the body of my email to the Kitchener DJ so that I can ask him for pricing for all of the options that the Mississauga DJ gave me.

.... did you guess it?!?! I was so caught up talking to Mark and Jomay that I forgot to delete the Mississauga's DJ quote before I hit send! After I hit send, I realized it, but it was too late!! Yeah, not a good move.

Then I get a reply back from the Kitchener DJ asking me who's quote it was at the bottom of the email. >_< I was thinking of saying that it's a quote that my friend got for her wedding, but at the bottom of the quote, it clearly has a line that states "2011 Bridal Show Discount". Ha ha!! So I just had to tell him the truth.

Oh well, he's got to know that a customer ALWAYS shops around for pricing. If he takes offense to it, well then, there's 1 potential customer down the drain! A customer is ALWAYS right! Usually ... LOL!


vedors, vendors & more vendors

Ok, so the search for all of our wedding vendors has started. Honestly, I have actually been searching for vendors since last year (even before we got engaged)! Ha ha! Well, Mark and I are trying to work with our budget and we know that we really need to LOOK if we want to find what we're looking for at the right price.

1, 2, 3 CLICK!
One of the top things on our list was to find a good photographer. Easy enough right? WRONG! Honestly, I should really just change my job and become a photographer. They make SO much money and they get to do something that they love to do! What a job huh?

After narrowing it down to about 5 photographers, we decided to meet with them. Our number one choice was a photography team that consisted of a husband and wife. What made us really consider them were:
  1. Their photography style
  2. Clarity
  3. The way they capture emotions in pictures
  4. Affordable and a full day coverage
  5. Their philosophy with photography:



I couldn't post an update with regards to our church selection because we couldn't finalize our date with the church until yesterday when we had our first meeting with the Father who will be marrying us.

"On Friday October 12, 2012 I will finally walk down 
the aisle to my partner in crime, my food-buddy, 
my best friend, my love, my better half."
(Wow, saying that just gave me chills and makes me want to 
break down in tears...)

Everything is finally coming into place. The church that we have chosen is Merciful Redeemer Roman Catholic Church. Our meeting with the Father has been nothing but positive. He's even willing to incorporate our Filipino wedding traditions to the ceremony. =)
Questions, questions, questions. We were both pretty surprised at all the questions we were asked by the Priest at our meeting yesterday. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty nerve wrecking! LOL! It just reiterates the importance of the sacrament of marriage and how it is a lifelong commitment that cannot be taken lightly.

BIG "sigh*! This is REAL! Oh man! This is REALLY real!! >_<

O2NE (2in1)
Being the multi-tasker that I am, and since I am hardly at Mississauga, we've decided to also book our reception hall. =) 

The celebration will be continued at  
The Mississauga Grand Banquet & Convention Centre.

Reasons why we chose this place? FOOD, FOOD and MORE FOOD! Ha ha!! You all know how much Mark and I absolutely LOVE eating! Well, this place was exactly what we were looking for with regards to the food choices we want, as well as the beauty and elegance for the whole evening.

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